Founded in 2001, Hikvision grew to become a global leader. It is based in the Silicon Valley of China and has become a leading provider of emerging and cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart home solutions, and robotics.

Malco Technologies are the authorized Hikvision distributor and stockist in the UAE, offering Fine Pixel LED/LCD Video Walls, Digital Signage, Corporate LED Display Screens and various customized solutions for Indoor Transparent LEDs, Asymmetrical Screens to suit every Retail, Media, Corporate and NOC/SOC control room requirements.

Key Solutions

Hikvision offers a range of commercial display screens for indoor and outdoor use. As a leading Hikvision commercial display screen supplier, the company facilitates organizations across the UAE with every type of display solution to meet its diverse requirements.

  • INDOOR FINE PIXEL PITCH LED ranging from P.9mm to Rental LED, Indoor, Pixel pitch 3.9mm.
  • OUTDOOR FINE PIXEL PITCH LED ranging from P2.5mm to 16mm, and Rental LED 3.9mm.
  • INDOOR LCD VIDEOWALL, Narrow Bezel 46, 49 &55” sizes panels with 0.88mm to 3.5mm Bezel, a Hot buy product for cost-effective CCTV, Commercial, Small/Medium ICT/BMS control rooms. Cost-effective solution for Data centre, NOC/SOC command control rooms etc.
  • Hikvision digital Signage screens with FocSign software and 30screen free software for Client/Server networks inside Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Commercial buildings etc.
  • Screen sizes from 15inch (Elevator/Room booking/Restaurant Menu card) to as big as 86inch to show Way Finding.
  • Various size Videowall Controller/Processor from 2input to 32input Cascadable for HDMI/DVI/VGA inputs

Malco Technologies – Hikvision LED Display Screen Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Our position as a trusted Hikvision LED display screen supplier enables us to distribute a complete range of display solutions throughout the regions. The availability of quality products by Hikvision at Malco Technologies supports the distinctive needs of every customer.

Malco Technologies, an IT solution company, works positively and responsibly towards businesses, organizations, and the community on the whole. We do so with the adequate use and delivery of data and business intelligence for the end-user.




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