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AKCP commits to providing a wireless remote monitoring system for a range of business categories. With over 30 years of experience, AKCP is one of the oldest and largest networks of enabled sensors. Coupled with network-based environmental and security monitoring solutions, AKCP has set the industry standard for SNCP-based monitoring, thereby delivering outstanding levels of customer support across companies.

Malco Technologies is one of the most reliable AKCP temperature sensor distributors in UAE. You can buy original enabled sensors from them including smoke detectors, temperature sensor monitoring systems, humidity sensors, water leak detection solutions. The products are high in quality and available at competitive prices.

Malco Technologies, in collaboration with AKCP, provides companies across the Emirates with authentic and advanced solutions. By getting AKCP products from Malco Technologies, you will be able to obtain the many benefits of wireless technology for temperature, humidity, water leak, and power monitoring, with features specially tailored to meet your company’s needs.

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Bringing Safety, Security and Speed to Retail Surveillance

Recent times have seen Saudi Arabia experience development at a remarkable rate, but key industry sectors have not always been able to keep pace. While certain industries grew by leaps and bounds (architecture, technology), others took longer to find their stride.

Take for instance, the retail industry; up until the early 2000s, Saudi Arabia was still new to the idea of North American shopping malls—most peo ple still preferred shopping at traditional neighbourhood convenience stores.

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