Video Wall Matrix Controller

Video Wall Controllers can manage multiple signals to deliver feeds to various LCD or LED screens.

– Multiple signal sources are supported, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, BNC, YpbPr, DP, HDBaseT. Up to 4096 × 2160@30 Hz resolution is supported for HDMI, DP and HDBaseT signal inputs
– Video upscaling configurable to display video with higher image quality.
– An enhanced network decoding board supports H.264 and H.265 compression standard and can display network signal of 2-ch@8.0 MP, 2-ch@6.0 MP, 2-ch@5.0 MP, 8-ch@1080p, 16-ch@720p and 32-ch@D1 and local video files.
– Live view in the roaming window and live view list.
– Fluent video output without frame extraction to guarantee the lossless output of 60 frames.
– Supports 1/4/9/16 window division modes and full-screen switch of the window.
– Up to 16 devices can be managed and up to 5 virtual video walls can be displayed by a client server.
– Supports crossing-window video roaming
– High-performance, full-featured video wall controller.