“Internet-of-Things is progressively developing, conquering each aspect of life as it can be seen everywhere now. It enables the communication between electronic devices and sensors through the internet to facilitate our lives. For instance, this technology has assisted many individuals in designing a smart home, office, hotels etc. using devices such as a smart thermo-stat, doorbells, cameras, locks, tablets smartphones, portable PCs, etc.

IoT solutions facilitate the development of cities of the future that promotes economic development, an eco-friendly environment and consists of digitally optimized public assets. Controllers and control modules can control everything in and around buildings. With configurable pre-programed functionalities, which allow fast and simple integration that ultimately reduce installation and integration costs.”

Service Partners

Intelligent Copper Patch Cords

An Intelligent Copper Patch Cord is suitable for voice or data network solutions. The 4 pair construction and robust RJ45 connectors provide for long term network reliability.

Pre-term/mtp Fibre Assembly

Pre-Term/MTP are technology optimized for installation in Data Centre: small diameter, small bend radius and reduced weight.


Stand alone access control locks helps to manage individual cabinet without connecting to a network.

Intelligent Pdu

Intelligent PDU allows data center operations managers to reduce costs and improve efficiency, uptime and capacity planning.

Office Automation

Assigned (preprogrammed) solutions for office automation and covers the management of all key systems, which can be found in offices (lights, shades, temperature, and access control). For all subsystems are provided schedules.

Intelligent Copper Panel

Intelligent copper panels carry on-board intelligence which remains dormant until enabled by analyzers and software. The panels have inbuilt sensors to detect the connection status of each port and an I/O connector to link to the analyzers.

Intelligent Fiber Panel

The intelligent fiber panel is specifically designed for installation in data centres where the high density, integrated patch cord guide and enhanced installation benefits of the patch panel meet the key requirements for implementation.

Network Access Locks

Complete range of locking system for rack security and prevents unauthorized access.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temperature/Humidity sensors have low profile design with magnetic base for easy affixing to the rack. A pair of sensors can be connected to one single W series PDU meter.

Smoke / Rope Water Sensor

Rope water sensor detects the presence of water if any portion of the rope becomes wet. A smoke sensor senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire.

Case Study

BNP Paribas future-proofs its data network with Nexans Cabling Solutions
To run its day-to-day business on more than 3,000 sites, BNP Paribas, France’s leading bank, needed a reliable, high-quality networking infrastructure. Nexans was chosen for this large-scale nationwide project, because of its solid reputation and presence in the market and its proven technical expertise.

Nexans roll-out capabilities and project skills benefit France’s leading bank.

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