Nexans Cable Distributors in UAE

With a presence in 34 countries, Nexans is a global expert in cables and data cabling solutions which includes copper/fibre & intelligent cabling systems and fibre patch panels. It caters to business areas like data and telecom, buildings and territories, high voltage and projects, industry and solutions. The company has earned a reputation for going above and beyond the set standards by offering its clients a complete solution to support their digital growth and enhance the performance of their critical assets.

Malco Technologies is the leading distributor and supplier of Nexans products in the UAE. We offer the most authentic Nexans products, including copper patch cord, Cat 6 patch panel, and single mode fibre optic cable at market competitive rates.

With premium Nexans power cable accessories & cabling solutions from Malco Technologies, you will be able to make your company technologically advanced as well as meet the demanding needs of the current digital era in an effective manner.


Nexans cable distributor in UAE
Copper – LANmark 6

LANmark 6 cables and connectivity are manufactured and tested to the latest Cat 6 specifications defined in the International, European and American cable and cabling standards, including ISO 11801, EN 50173-1 and TIA – 568-C.2. LANmark – 6 components are designed to meet or exceed the quality and performance criteria needed to support all applications up to 250 MHz, including 2.5Gbps and 5 GBase-T. Copper Cat 6 solutions include LANmark – 6 Cable, Snap – In Connector and UniBoot Patch Cords.

  • Ideal solution for most common enterprise applications such as Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Matched components ensuring minimized signal loss and maximum throughput.
  • Supports application drive distances above 100m for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Exceeding standard Channel performance requirements ensuring a reliable network.
Copper – LANmark 6A

Cat 6A is today’s standard solution for enterprise and Data Centre environments, offering guaranteed bandwidth to 500 MHz and therefore supporting 10 G- Base T, currently the highest performing application over horizontal cabling. Copper Cat 6A solutions include LANmark – 6 Cable F/FTP, F1/UTP, Snap – In Connector and Ultim UniBoot Patch Cords.

  • Guaranteed superior channel headroom for: NEXT 92dB) – Return Loss – (2dB) – Alien Crosstalk (15dB)
  • Interoperability due to Cat 6A component compliance
  • Ability to install very short links, crucial in Data Centres
Copper – LANmark 7A

Cat 7A solutions has the capacity to support 25GB’s and is the best solution for transmitting high power PoE. It defines cabling up to at least 1000 MHz and at least 100m distance. Cat 7A is the “best in class” for Enterprise cabling and should be used always when Buildings are owned, not rented, and the cabling shall last 2 decades or even longer. LANmark-7A is also ‘Best in Class’ for PoE cabling. PoE++ or High Power PoE uses power levels where cabling contributes the largest part of the power losses. The longer the cable the more power reduction by cabling is seen. Cat 7A solutions include LANmark GG45 Connector, Cable AWG23, RJ45 Patch Cord, PLUS Cable AWG22, Patch Cord, GG45 Measurement Cord etc.

  • Largely reduced noise levels to support high Signal to Noise Ratios
  • Double Screening makes cables immune against Alien Crosstalk
  • 31% reduction of cabling related losses
Pre-Terminated Copper

Pre-Terminated Copper or Pre-Term bundles are assemblies of multiple cables. LANmark assemblies uses sophisticated bundling technology in the assembly house and keep full installation flexibility and multiside bending capability in combination with stable electrical performance.

  • Fast and straightforward installation
  • No on-site termination
  • Reduce installation time
  • No risk linked to field termination
  • Supports the 4 connectors channel configuration
Fibre Patch

Fibre patch panels with Snap-In adaptors are used for fast installation, flexibility and scalability with 19-inch empty rack mountable patch panel. It has a density up to 12 DSC or 24 DLC. Snap In Panels are a mixture of adaptors and fibre type inside the same panel

  • Sliding tray with 3 different locking positions
  • Large splice cassettes with lifting functionality for improved ease of installation and inspection
  • Strain relief: optional cable glands or tie wraps
  • Optimised for installation of Pre-Term with a cable gland and fibre management features
Fibre LANmark -of
Plug & Play

It has a high density patch panel of up to 48 SC or 96 LC depending on the module type

  • Up to 4 Plug&Play modules or 4 Plug&Play adaptor plates
  • Sliding and tilting patch panel for ease of installation, upgrade and maintenance
  • Labelling front for port identification and patch cord management
LANmark -of MTP
Fibre Assembly

This Fibre assembly is used for the installation inside the ENSPACE and Plug&Play panel. The cables optimized for installation in Data Centres are of small diameter, small bend radius and reduced weight

  • Superior fire performance
  • Pre-Term can be used together with MTP-LC modules for LC connectivity or with MTP adaptor modules for parallel optics
  • Low loss insertion loss performance
  • Fibre type: OM4, OM5 and singlemode (OS2)
GigaSwitch V5

The GigaSwitch V5 series enables the creation of secure, switched Gigabit Ethernet networks in the Fibre To The Office (FTTO) environment. The new generation of FTTO switches features state-of-the-art processor technology with real-time support and provides enhanced functionality in terms of performance, security, redundancy and ease of management.


Egyptian university embraces intelligent network management with LANmark-6A solution

Egypt’s Nile University helps propel one of the world’s oldest civilizations into the 21st
Century thanks to Nexans solutions

Home to the world’s greatest ancient engineering wonders, Egypt’s newest technology institute
represents a major effort to build a world-class IT presence in this region. Nexans Cabling
Solutions, and distributor UBC, successfully installed the country’s first Category 6A network and
Intelligent Infrastructure Management platform on its campus.