An Overview

Malco Technologies drives results through a combination of deep understanding of every industry, customer insights and expertise. A client-centric approach enables us to deliver business value to those clients who hail from diverse industries. Our vast expertise has provided us with a depth of knowledge that spans across industries and technologies. Regardless of industry, business objective or technology, Malco Technologies has the experience our customers have come to trust. Some of the verticals, we provide the solutions for include Oil & gas, Data Centers, Retail & Hospitality, Government & Airport.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. At Malco Technologies, we focus on delivering the best solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. With a comprehensive product portfolio and a team of experts, we deliver benefits such as lowered costs, reduced downtime and increased output. We help our clients enhance every aspect of their Oil & Gas business with sustainability. Our experienced and dedicated professionals of Malco Technologies anticipate market trends, assess their implications and work with clients to help them manage their needs efficiently and effectively.

Data Centers

Companies choose to utilize a data center for a variety of reasons and some companies require their systems to be operating 24x7x365 which cannot be assured in their own facilities. Also, certain companies may require a high level of security that cannot be adequately provided in their current facilities. Malco Technologies caters to Data Center industry with capabilities that are fully integrated for client’s requirements. By handling the server racks and other necessities required for Data Centers, Malco Technologies speeds up the time for innovation and strengthens the brand.

Retail & Hospitality

Malco Technologies takes pride in serving a wide variety of clients coming from various industries/sectors. One among them is Retail & Hospitality sector. The fast-changing universal marketplace is making the companies strive to adopt, articulate and deliver its challenges. Understanding the retail & hospitality industry’s environment and meeting the industry’s needs and requirements have been the primary goal of Malco Technologies. Therefore, Malco Technologies delivers solutions and services tailored to retail and hospitality industry’s technology challenges.

Government& Airports

The government sector and airports are undergoing an unprecedented transformation in the way it works. The pressure to reduce costs, streamline operations and infrastructure with appropriate systems and processes are compelling governments to look for new ways to address these challenges. Malco Technologies enables government sector and airports to adopt the best solutions to better serve and connect with citizens while enhancing their experiences. The solutions are geared to help them serve the citizens better through innovative ways and establish better visibility for their future needs.

Education & Entertainment

Text, audio, images, animation, video streaming, technology application processes such as satellite TV, computer based learning, Information and communication systems based on local networks, or intranet are some of today’s education paradigm, encompassing classrooms, colleges, auditoriums of any size, home theatre, and public address equipment technology. To that end, we are, are partnered with world leaders of audio video solutions enabling them and clients to deliver conventional and unique solutions using our concept of habitat technology ecosystems which enables technologically advanced products and services. Audio visual systems and connectivity solutions, we have integrated audio, visual, voice, data, systems automation, connecting sources to displays etc. into a process of finesse.

Industry News

Despite the innovations and advances in science, the industry has been more used to incremental change than quantum leaps. Closing gaps between R&D and implementation will be a key strategy in responding to a range of development and for the ability to achieve more excellence.

Advanced technologies provide a greater degree of flexibility, both in terms of scale and ease of use for operations, work progress and lead time.