Indoor Wall-mounted 32-inch Digital Signage

Hikvision’s digital signage has a lightweight body with integrative design. The front high-transmittance tempered glass provides reliable used to broadcast information, release news, advertise products, etc., which is widely applicable to industry of entertainment, finance, traffic, etc.

– Metallic Appearance

– Exquisite Image: Industrial A+ panel, auto-coloring and image-enhancing engine

– Variable Materials: Supports static and dynamic materials, including the pictures, audio, video, scrolling subtitle, PDF, webpages, live video, number calling, pop-up pictures, etc.

– Flexible Program Schedule: Supports free schedules and district play of multiple materials;

– Supports variable play modes: play by day, play by week, play by loop, custom play, etc.

– Organization Permission: 5-level organization is available for managing materials, programs, terminals, and users; Supports creating custom users, allocating permission for users according to user level, and permission templates.

– Multiple Security Safeguards: 3-level check of materials, programs and schedules to prevent mistake release; Encryption of data in storage and transmission to prevent data tampering; With no default password, users can activate and set initial password to guarantee the password safety.