Copper – LANmark 7A Solutions

Cat 7A solutions has the capacity to support 25GB’s and is the best solution for transmitting high power PoE. It defines cabling up to at least 1000 MHz and at least 100m distance. Cat 7A is the “best in class” for Enterprise cabling and should be used always when Buildings are owned, not rented, and the cabling shall last 2 decades or even longer. LANmark-7A is also ‘Best in Class’ for PoE cabling. PoE++ or High Power PoE uses power levels where cabling contributes the largest part of the power losses. The longer the cable the more power reduction by cabling is seen. Cat 7A solutions include LANmark GG45 Connector, Cable AWG23, RJ45 Patch Cord, PLUS Cable AWG22, Patch Cord, GG45 Measurement Cord etc.

– Largely reduced noise levels to support high Signal to Noise Ratios
– Double Screening makes cables immune against Alien Crosstalk
– 31% reduction of cabling related losses