Pre-Terminated Copper Assemblies

Pre-Terminated Copper or Pre-Term bundles are assemblies of multiple cables. LANmark assemblies uses sophisticated bundling technology in the assembly house and keep full installation flexibility and multiside bending capability in combination with stable electrical performance.

– Fast and straightforward installation
– No on-site termination
– Reduce installation time
– No risk linked to field termination
– Supports the 4 connectors channel configuration

Copper Modular Patch Panels

These panels are compatible with all LANmark Snap-In connectors with 24 Snap-In ports with shutters. They have a clip-on mechanism avoiding the use of cable ties, thus gaining installation time Modular patch panels include 24 Snap-In Fixed, Patch Panel 24 Snap-In Sliding, Angled Patch Panel 24 Snap-In, Staggered Patch Panel, etc.