Smoke Detector

Monitoring for developing smoke is an essential aspect in the security and safety of any facility. AKCess Pro has designed a smoke sensor specifically for use with its sensorProbe and securityProbe product line. These smoke detectors are easy to install and configure and can be used in conjunction with all other of AKCess Pro’s alerting features.

– Accurate, cost effective Smoke Detector
– On/Off alarm signal of Smoke Detected
– LED indicates the status of Smoke Detector
– Low profile design for ceiling mounting for maximum smoke detection
– Sensor type – open/closed contact switch
– Up to 2 Smoke Detector Sensors per sensorProbe2, and 8 per sensorProbe8/securityProbe
– Includes disconnect alarm that checks that the sensor is securely plugged into the sensor/securityProbe
– The smoke detector can also be attached to dry contacts of a X20 or X60 unit
– With 9V battery as backup the sensor/securityProbe will still work as a smoke detector on its own