Integrated power system for IDC 1-250K

As a new generation of highly integrated small and medium-sized data center solution, the Reros micro module integrated product takes the cabinet as the whole of computer room, completely integrates all subsystems such as UPS power supply, refrigeration, cabinet, lightning protection, fire protection and intelligent monitoring, and forms a computer room environment in the cabinet. This is to meet the safe operation of the equipment, which is conducive to the development of small and medium-sized computer rooms towards standardization. In addition, the series covers a small area and can be quickly arranged in a limited space, providing more than 100 schemes of 3-250kva power supply capacity.


– Branch network distribution room
– Bank, securities company, insurance, telecommunications, and other computer rooms
– Small and medium sized enterprise room
– Central control room of energy and chemical industry
– Highway and rail transit computer room
– Small sizeds substation and power plant computer room