DVDO Iscan Mini

Makes it an ideal add-on behind a home theater rack or TV. DVDO iScan Mini is compact yet powerful system that improves the picture quality of SD and full HD content. Incorporating DVDO’s proprietary VRS®ClearView™ technology, DVDO iScan Mini features advanced 4K adaptive scaling, internet streaming noise reduction, as well as edge and detail enhancement to deliver pristine video quality on 4K Ultra HD and full HD displays.

– VRS®ClearView™ Technology
– Detail and Edge enhancement for increased image depth and clarity
– Demo mode for side-by side before/after comparison of enhancements
– Displaly set-up test patterns for sharpness, brightness, contrast, and more
– Internet Video cleanup
– Scaling up to 4K/60
– Digital Audio stripping to S/PDI
– On-Screen Video EDID editing
– IR input port
– Dedicated remote for easy mode changes