October 02 2019

Malco Technologies believes in providing the Right Infra solutions!

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Interview by Huzaifa Kanorwala, General Manager – Malco Technologies

Q1. How are you helping businesses create infrastructure that can help deliver on the evolving customer expectations?

We believe Infrastructure is the foundation on which modern businesses are built. The right infrastructure is crucial and ensures that the firm is at its most productive – maximizing ROI and minimizing costs and risks. The type of infrastructure that is best for every business is dependent on several factors – there is no “one size fits all”. Malco Technologies believes in providing companies with infrastructure solutions that focus and caters to customers’ requirements. With our specialized team of technology experts and wealth of industry knowledge from multiple business sectors, we work with our clients to ensure that they have the best choice of infrastructure solutions for their business requirements.

Q2. In the wake of smart city projects, how will data centers evolve?

As the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) become increasingly prolific, we can soon expect to see smart cities relying on it to improve the way we live, work and travel. Manufacturing industries and factories around the world have copious amounts of data that need to be stored and secured. Titanic amounts of data, noisy IT equipment, unsafe cable management, etc., are the problems these industries face and these loose ends pose a huge threat to major industries. Understanding these issues, Malco Technologies LLC provide the perfect solution for data security and storage. We not only distribute a variety of products like Server /Network Rack and accessories, but also provide an array of services that serve to Store, Secure, Integrate and Systemize passive and active network components.

Q3. How do you help businesses ensure real-time monitoring of complex operations?

We distribute smart infrastructure cabling solutions that gives visibility of the physical network by automatically mapping, locating, reporting and alerting on any network ‘event’ whether this is the logical connection/disconnection of a device or a physical change to the infrastructure. For real time monitoring of complex operations there are web-based application softwares that can be accessed on tablets, smart phones and laptops for providing 100 percent accurate records.At Malco Technologies, we also distribute PDU’s and ATS that monitor the real time power consumption by an individual equipment installed within data centers and help with EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) and proper air sealing for CAC (cold aisle containment) in order to drastically reduce the power consumption used for cooling.

Q4. Please tell us more about your solutions for the next-generation systems in the energy sector.

Malco Technologies supports the state-of-the-art equipment that is available now for a next-generation future proof system that can lock in your savings no matter what power failure does going forward. Malco Technologies ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments with UPS, PDUs and Power cords. At Malco Technologies, we understand that customers now require more than just the basic level of power protection for their critical systems. They now need solutions that can operate even when exposed to harsh elements.We distribute a fully digital, double conversion UPS solution that offers efficiency of up to 96.3 percent over a wide range of load conditions, resulting in significant cost savings. It has a Power Factor (PF) of 1.0, delivering more power than standard UPS solutions.

Q5. Please share your vision on how you propose to grow business in the region.

We believe that Malco Technologies now has the right team, right capabilities and the right solutions needed to achieve greater momentum in the region. We are confident that we have the perfect partners whose solutions can be successfully marketed. As one of our set goals, we have successfully launched the Audio and Video Solutions segment which comprises of 6 prominent brands from the industry. Our vision is to expand our partner profile with manufacturers that provide IoT, AI and /active component solutions.

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