March 11 2022

Digital Signage: How Can Retailers Leverage It to Attract Customers?

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Times have changed and so have the ways of marketing and advertising. Gone are the days when marketing strategies, such as dropping pamphlets in homes or distributing them to people, could work. The competition in the retail industry is fierce, and you need to come up with robust solutions that would garner instant (and favorable reactions) from your target audience.

This is where the benefits of digital signage come into the picture. For the unversed, digital signage refers to display technologies, such as projections, LED walls, LCD monitors that are used to display marketing messages, digital images, restaurant menus, etc. Provided it’s done right, digital signage, also known as electronic signage, can help boost your business’s sales to a great extent.

Let’s delve deeper into how, as a retailer, you can leverage the benefits of digital signage to attract customers and boost your sales:

How Can the Benefits of Digital Signage Help You Attract More Customers?

Placement Matters the Most!

Digital signage, no matter how engaging it is, won’t benefit you if it is not prominently displayed or your customers find it hard to see it. So, the thumb rule is to place it very prominently where it can be seen easily.

For example, if you intend to attract your customers to a certain product, make sure the signage is placed near that shelf where it is placed. It should be at eye level so that customers can easily view it. On the other hand, if it’s about a special offer or discount, placing it near the entrance will draw a lot of attention, resulting in increased activity within the store.

Highlight Your Best Offer

According to a study, 52 percent of shoppers believe that they are more likely to buy at a retail store when they are provided with good deals and offers. So, if you have a special offer, such as a season-end sale or discount on particular products, make a point to let your customers know about it. And what better way there can be to do this than using digital signage? It will attract the attention of your customers since no one likes to miss out on an opportunity to get more for less. The ultimate result will be higher sales and even higher returns. A win-win situation for all!

Use Video Ad

Video ads draw a lot of attention. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that videos can outperform other forms of content.

So, you can consider using them to leverage the benefits of digital signage. However, where and how they must be used depends on the nature of your business.

For instance, restaurants can create videos of the preparation of tempting food items and showcase them on the signage. For an even better experience, you can use display signage to stream trending shows or games to engage visitors so that they will spend more time at your place. This is one remarkable way to use the benefits of digital signage to bring more customers to your restaurant.

Similarly, different retail shops can play animated, informative, or ad videos for their different campaigns, sales, and attractive offers. Be mindful that the quality of the equipment also matters here. Even if the video you have displayed is creative and engaging, it won’t be useful if the quality of the LED display is not up to the mark. So, only trust Malco Technologies, the most reliable digital signage supplier in Dubai, to get the best LED display products for your retail shop.

Be Clear and Engaging with the Content

There’s no margin for error when it comes to creating content for display signage. All the effort, time, and money will be of no use if the content fails to garner the interest and attention of the customers. So, think out of the box and come up with creative content that will instantly grab the attention of customers. It should be engaging and deliver a message that requires an impulsive reaction. This is crucial to get the best maximum benefits of digital signage.

Change the Content Frequently

Engaging content will only engage the audience for a particular time period. After a while, it will get boring for your customers to see the same message on every visit. So, unless it’s a long-time offer, make a point to change the content of the display signage frequently.

However, the content should be appealing and engaging. It should ‘speak’ to your target audience. And for this, you need to know what kind of content engages them the most.

Display Rewards

Nothing benefits a retail business more than the loyalty of its customers. A repeating customer not only brings more sales with them but also results in references. This is why companies go to any lengths to ensure customer retention.

An effective way of doing so is to reward them. Now, reaching out to each customer and telling them about your reward system can be a tough task. But, using the benefits of digital signage, this process can become a lot easier.

You use this technique to display rewards for your business’s loyal customers. This way, even the first-timers will be aware of how you value your customers and reward them. The ultimate result will be better word of mouth (WOM) and more sales.

In all, there are abundant benefits of digital signage in the retail industry. So, if you haven’t been using them up till now, this is the time to take the plunge. Hire creatives to create engaging content and get in touch with Malco Technologies for the best audio and video solutions.