June 30 2021

6 Advantages of Using AP over IP for Remote Video Production

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The global pandemic triggered numerous changes in how businesses operate and marketing is being done. One such change is the preference of AV over IP. Although this technology was prevalent in the network industry before the pandemic hit us, it gained more fame and application when the world went into lockdown. This increased dependency on live audio and visual data transmission over IP is slowly making analogue AV transmission obsolete. For those not in the loop, let’s take a look at what is AV over IP and how it benefits remote video production:

What is AV over IP?

AV over IP refers to Audio Visual over Internet Protocol. It is basically the transmission of audio and video data over a network infrastructure supported by cables. Common examples include LAN, WAN, Public Internet, 5G Network, etc. In traditional systems, point-to-point, also known as baseband, cable connections were used along with matrix switches. AV over IP, on the other hand, uses network switches and Ethernet cables for the purpose of transmitting the data. The result? Increased input-output capacity, better speed, and no limitations pertaining to available physical inputs.

What is Remote Live Video Production and How AV over IP Facilitates it?

In remote live video production, a team consisting of skilled and experienced professionals can produce live and VOD content without actually having to be present at the event. AP over IP facilitates them to broadcast content while being located at a distance from the venue of the actual event. As per this phenomenon, the staff sets up the AV equipment at the venue of the event. This includes microphones, cameras, mixers, etc. The equipment is set up in such a way that it feeds into encoders. These encoders transmit the AV data via the network using IP to the studio. At the studio, producers can see the live audio and visual footage of the event and control the equipment remotely as well. PTZ and IP camera technology can be used for the latter purpose. They can also edit the footage and add graphic overlays.

6 Advantages of Using AP over IP for Remote Video Production

1. Flexibility

Using AV over IP offers enhanced flexibility as compared to the traditional methods since it is not confined to space. You can not only set it up anywhere but control it as well. The use of this technology eliminates the need for using matrix switches and conventional analog cable connections to transmit data. All it requires is a reliable network cable infrastructure.

2. Crates a Collaborative Environment

AV over IP builds a collaborative environment where highly professional and experienced experts can work together. And they don’t have to be present at the same location to do so as data is shared via the network. This makes data distribution more convenient.

3. Cost-Efficient

By relying on AV over IP technology, you can significantly reduce the expenses pertaining to the coverage of a live event. First of all, it will eliminate the cost associated with cabling. As Ethernet cables are available almost everywhere, you won’t even need to deploy them. Furthermore, there will be no commutation costs involved since your team can view and control the audio visual data right from your office or anywhere they are located, provided they have the access. This further makes using AV over IP more cost-efficient. Having said that, it is important that you get high-quality equipment for successfully covering an event. And for this, you can rely on Malco Technologies. We distribute premium audio video solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates manufactured by top brands.

4. An Easier Approach

Every time there’s an event that you have to cover, you wouldn’t need to set up your entire studio there. This saves a lot of hassles and troubles. Also, it allows companies to cover or produce more events. Furthermore, data access becomes easier as well since it is stored on the cloud.

5. Enhanced Scalability

This implementation of this technology allows enhanced scalability. You can easily add more equipment to your setup without making a lot of changes to the infrastructure. Furthermore, it can be expanded using IP switches. This enables companies to not only cover small events but larger ones as well.

6. A Secure Option

When there are more crew members involved, there’s a higher risk related to the security of the data. Furthermore, there’s a risk of data tampering as well. With the deployment of AV over IP, these risks are minimized. The crew members are still there, but the data is mostly controlled online, using different software and tools that come with an advanced level of security. Furthermore, firewalls, encryption and authorization can be used to further improve security.

Final Thoughts

In all, there are numerous benefits of switching to AV over IP if you produce or distribute live video content. But, you need to focus on the quality of equipment and audio video solutions for optimal results. Contact Malco Technologies for a vast range of audio visual solutions in the UAE.