August 26 2021

5 Ways Smart Building Connectivity Can Benefit Your Business

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A company doesn’t only have to generate leads to be termed as a successful endeavor. It also needs to be ‘smart’ in terms of building connectivity. In simple words, the business premises of an organization must be smartly connected via a seamless network of wired and wireless systems. This way, you can obtain the maximum benefits of smart building connectivity. 

With time, a higher number of companies in the UAE have started to realize the importance and benefits of having smart building connectivity. They are now getting high-quality products and cabling solutions from leading fiber optic cable suppliers in Dubai for this purpose.

What is ‘Smart Building Connectivity’?

For the uninitiated, a smart connected building is a workplace that contains a network of control points along with monitored sensors that are set remotely. This system integrates field-proven, high-quality cabling solutions and the latest wireless technologies to dispatch data derived from multi-sensor devices to a central host.

The purpose of this integration is to get detailed and accurate analytics on various systems installed in the building. For example, with smart building connectivity, you can know about real-time energy consumption, air quality, temperature, lighting, humidity, security etc. Furthermore, building automation and audio-visual solutions can also be controlled using this system. 

Benefits of Smart Building Connectivity

Let’s delve deeper and take a look at the benefits of smart building connectivity for companies:


The implementation of smart building connectivity solutions can make your workplace more energy-efficient. These systems are designed in such a way that they reduce the dependency on electricity consumption. For example, smart lighting fixtures are often used in such systems. They automatically switch off when there’s sufficient sunlight in the room. Or sensor-based lights are used that only light up when they detect a movement in the premise.

Similarly, these systems also integrate the use of smart glass windows or automated shades that open or close automatically due to the sensors installed in them. This ultimately helps to conserve resources and reduce electricity bills. Also, it helps the company to play its part in conserving natural resources.

Even the devices used in creating a smart building connectivity system are energy efficient as they are manufactured in a way that they do not use a lot of power.

2.Natural Work Environment

Not many know about this fact, but the benefits of smart building connectivity include creating a rather natural work environment. It features LED lights that come with bio-adaptive functionality. This function allows the lighting fixtures to mimic natural daylight. In the morning, they produce high-intensity light in the morning, which gradually turns less intensive as time passes.

This subtle change not only optimizes energy savings but creates a natural ambiance that fosters a higher level of productivity.

3.Optimal Building Management

Next on the list of benefits of smart building connectivity is that it can help to obtain sensor-based occupancy reports. This, in turn, helps the building administrators to know which areas/parts of the building are used more frequently as compared to others.

The analytics obtained through this system can help them to better utilize the space and make the premises more energy efficient. Also, these insights can help them in scheduling and booking the meeting and conference rooms. Suffice it to say, the use of this system, along with the best IoT solutions, can transform a building into a valuable IoT asset for a company.

4.Enhanced Security

One of the major benefits of using a smart business connectivity system is that it can add an extra layer of safety and security to your business premises. As this system includes the installation of surveillance cameras at different points, you can easily know what’s happening in every part of the building from a central location. This not only keeps employees and your very valuable business assets safe but enhances the productivity of employees as well.  


A smart building connectivity system is flexible and expandable. It can easily accommodate the integration of new devices with minimal investment. So, if it’s the addition of a new camera or lighting fixture, you won’t have to disturb your entire system to incorporate it. However, the cabling system used in the building impacts its flexibility and expandability. For example, if you have opted for zone cabling solutions, you won’t find it tough to add new devices.

Also, bear in mind that the quality of cables and wireless devices impacts the performance and expandability of a smart building connectivity system. So, make sure to get the best products from a reputable dealer and IT solutions company in Dubai.

In a nutshell, it’s safe to say that the benefits of smart building connectivity can greatly impact the performance of your company and reduce its operational costs to a significant extent. They can also help you meet your sustainability target. So, if you haven’t gotten such a system in place yet, now is the time to do so. The outcomes will certainly exceed your expectations.