May 26 2021

5 Ways Having Data Center Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

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Modern businesses require more than just efficient employees and managers to grow and succeed in their ventures. Infrastructure is key whenever it comes to assessing the capacity and capability of an organization to compete in the market. Since it’s integral to everything right down to the execution of every operation, underestimating its significance and not investing in its improvement is downright foolhardy.

Today, your company needs to be online for your clients as well as your organization’s members. Having data centralized and secure is an issue at par with ensuring accessibility. This is where the benefits of data center solutions and infrastructure solutions come into play, promising availability as well as accessibility without compromising on security.

The one place where data from all your sources, i.e. databases, systems and storage, are managed through a single virtual portal.  

All businesses, regardless of what niche or nature they operate in, are in desperate need of reliable networks. Even though it might seem like an added expense at first with no direct benefits, it will inevitably be worth it in the long run.

What are Data Center Solutions?

Data center solutions refer to outsourced centralized servers that host your data and provide one-way access. This eliminates the need for having an in-house team and bearing their salaries. What this means is that once you have a centralized data server, you’ll only have to connect to the internet. All your data and communication needs will be catered for through the central server. The interaction that happens between every connecting node and the server is mostly through the solution provider’s custom-made software.

Not only is navigating and operating this software easier than working with servers, but it also allows enhanced features such as restricting access and sorting through massive amounts of data.

5 Incredible Benefits of Data Center Solutions

For those who’re still considering, here are a few benefits of data center solutions that can help your business:

1.They Are Cost-Efficient

Compared with localized servers and the hectic maintenance as well as regular hiccups in the systems that are inevitable, data center solutions are much more viable. Furthermore, data center solutions are also scalable. This means that you can have your bandwidth, storage, and other privileges upgraded whenever your business needs it.

On the other hand, with a local server, you’d have to go through the process of having a new machine designed every other year.

From networking elements such as fiber optic cables, routers, and connectors to server racks, you can expect a local data center to cost you a lot. And this expenditure isn’t just one-time. Every time you feel the need to upgrade or fix a malfunctioning data center, you’ll have to cover the costs of the additional or replacement hardware.

In addition, there are maintenance, redesigning and upgrade costs as well. The process itself can be quite complicated. You will first have to get in touch with fiber optics cables suppliers, server rack suppliers, etc., and get quotations from them, and so forth.

2.Reduced Impact of Power Failure

Let’s be honest. You can’t guarantee 24/7/365 technician presence, dual generator as well as UPS backup options, or battery checkup and maintenance.

These are some of the crucial elements of a centralized server that are mandatory to ensure an online service. Whenever you lose power on a local server, you lose all the data that was under process or being saved.

In fact, you also run the risk of corrupting previously stored data as well. There have been numerous instances of bare-metal servers that are known for peak performance ending up corrupting data after several power failures. After a while, the issue wasn’t even related to the power outlet or inlet. The supplies and sockets of the server were damaged beyond repair and started malfunctioning.

Clearly, avoiding these troubles by going for data center solutions can reduce the impact of power failures on your organization’s operations. Losing unsaved progress can set the company’s output back by a lot. This is one of the major benefits of data center solutions.

3.Enhanced Data Protection

The digital realm comes with its own pros and cons. While the pros are certainly universal in terms of reach, promotion, marketing, communication and more, the cons are strictly security-related. On average, almost $3.9 million worth of data breaches occur online every year. Almost 43% of hack attacks that happen every 34 seconds target SMBs. 

Digital networks and data centers require the most efficient security measures. Since the importance of the data they’re hosting is undeniably significant, you can’t risk going with off-the-shelf security software. You need enhanced network security that guarantees the prevention of interference, theft or corruption. These are all qualities that you get with modern-day data center solutions that comprise the latest innovations in the industries.  

4.Improved Efficiency of Business Operations

For managers and executive staff, overseeing operations is made much easier with a centralized portal. They can not only divide and assign tasks to specific teams but can also assess the progress being made. You can use the front-end software and restrict unauthorized members of the organization from accessing files reserved for managerial-level staff.

Similarly, you can have hierarchical levels of access that limit certain personnel from viewing or editing certain files and folders. In this way, the data center allows you to remotely manage your whole company in a matter of a few clicks.

5.Easy Access to Data

Among other benefits of data center solutions, this one deserves special mention.

Compared to modes of data retrieval and storage of the past, modern data center solutions allow you instant access. This provides you with the capability of manipulating and changing data in real time. Moreover, you can add or remove personnel from your list of authorized users with a click.

As discussed above, data center solutions allow you and your organization members to access data seamlessly. Permitting you to work remotely, data centers make it possible for members to make live edits, suggest changes, and retrieve and store updated data on the go.

In a Nutshell

To summarize, here are the benefits of data center solutions:

  • Reduced costs of going for localized servers that require constant upgrades
  • Eliminate the need to hire technical staff for the maintenance of data centers
  • Increase and enhance data security and protection
  • Assign, monitor and manage all progress made via front-end portals
  • Have unlimited and seamless access to your data from anywhere at any time.

For the best infrastructure and data center solutions and much more, we recommend getting in touch with the experts at Malco Technologies. You can rest assured that all your requirements will be catered to in the most efficient way possible.