Manufacturing industries and factories around the world have extensive amount of data that needs to be stored and secured. The emergence of computers has been well embraced by these industries. This has made many tasks for these industries much easier and has helped eliminate the requirement for huge amounts of efforts to manage the data. Thus, the need for data management units which need specialised management capacity.

Understanding this need of these data centers, IT industries, pharmaceutical industries and any major industry; Netrack came about with the perfect solution for data security and storage. Malco Technologies and Netrack Enclosures Pvt Ltd partnered together, due to which the services of Netrack are now available in Kuwait, Oman and the UAE.



NRSE Series is Ultra rigid Enhanced Racks for high density application in data centres & server room.

Network/Server Cabinets

NRS/NSR series is rigid racks for Servers, Networking, AV, Telecom and lab application.


Containment system isolates hot aisles and cold aisles from each other and prevents hot and cold air from mixing.

Vendor : Netrack

Malco Technologies is the leading distributor for Netrack; one among the best server rack suppliers in Dubai.Server Racks are important for the smooth functioning of every big and small industry. Data must be secured and managed carefully at every level. Malco Technologies has a proven solution for data management problems and is available at every time of need. The combined force of Netrack and Malco Technologies together is the answer to every industry’s needs. So, if you require the expert services in this arena, then you know where to reach out to!

The finest server rack suppliers in Abu Dhabi are with Malco Technologies from Netrack for you. The duo has also reached soundproof server racks distributors in Kuwait and has already made a permanent mark. Maintaining the standards of professionalism and the grit to always deliver the ideal security, Malco Technologies strives to deliver the best.

Malco Technologies have stood the test of time with years of customer satisfaction and are one of the leading distributors in the world of software and hardware technologies for the data center network components in the Gulf. Each day businesses strive to take the necessary steps forward to lead their business in the most optimal direction.

Malco Technologies believes in the philosophy of working at the grassroots level to build a strong and committed team who can speak the language of the business, imbibe the principles on which the foundations of Malco Technologies have been established. The Duo has also launched Acoustirack distributors in the UAE. What's more is that this is one such thing that has seen a demand because of its distinctive features and specifications. Malco Technologies provides a server rack that is quiet and does its job of securing your data.


Malco Testimonials

New network for Airbus UK HQ

The fast-growing aviation industry has some very specific needs when it comes to cabling systems. Nexans and installation partner Dimension Data recently rolled out a state-of-the-art network at the new Airbus UK HQ at the company’s Filton plant near Bristol. This links buildings from centuries past to brand new offices and facilities.

At the new location, 2,750 Airbus engineering and design employees are working together on a 12-acre site.

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