Malco Technologies – Leading Audio Visual Distributors in UAE

Malco Technologies is the most trusted audio video equipment distributor in the UAE. As forerunners in the niche market of pro audio video control and automation technology, we have partnered with world leaders for technology and ancillary solutions. This has enabled our clients to deliver conventional and unique solutions using our concept of habitat technology ecosystems.

We have integrated audio, visual, systems automation, connecting sources to displays etc. into a process of finesse. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted regional supplier of habitat technology ecosystem solutions. Our passion and mission to keep our customers satisfied, drives us to provide world class logistics with support training.

The Best Audio Video Solutions in UAE

At Malco Technologies, we strive relentlessly to become the most effective resource for audio video technology solutions. We encompass a large geographical area covering major cities in the UAE. Audio video, control automation, information, security and power are the various technology areas from which we represent a few of the leading brands. So, if you’re looking for the best audio video solutions in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, get in touch with us.

Furthermore, solutions customized for broadcast, collaboration, digital entertainment, surveillance, public address systems, residences, education, healthcare, hospitality, maritime, and military are a few of our patrons. Our expertise in audio video technology, and comprehending your unique requirement, empowers us to equip you with the best in terms of value.


Indoor and outdoor cameras

Enhanced connectivity and distribution systems, in alignment with the commercial and home theatre needs.

Vendor : Accell
Indoor and outdoor cameras
Control &

Advanced signal processing with precision, with multiple adjustments, to achieve ideal video image.

Vendor : KanexPro
Indoor and outdoor cameras

Provides auto-adjustment, buffering, and signal equalization, maintaining pixel perfect resolution.

Vendor : KanexPro
Indoor and outdoor cameras

Auto-switching capability enables discreet placement in smaller conference rooms and similar environment.

Vendor : KanexPro
Indoor and outdoor cameras

Ideal for digital signage markets, large scale presentations, hyper market displays and command and control applications where high resolution video wall is needed.

Vendor : KanexPro
Indoor and outdoor cameras
Universal Casting &
Wireless AV

Universal presentation and collaboration enabled with wireless, multi device casting for unlimited users and sharing.

Vendor : DVDO
Indoor and outdoor cameras
Speakers, Amplifiers &

Not a product but an entire technology, also called architectural speakers. Wideband Infrared receivers and emitters.

Vendor : Beale Street
Indoor and outdoor cameras
Room scheduling

Rest assured of a confirmed reservation of a meeting space.

Vendor : BookIT