Warren and Brown Duct Distributor in UAE

Warren & Brown Technologies, a company based in Australia, is known for innovation in optical fibre containment and duct solutions. With footprints in several regions in the world, the company focuses on innovative, market-responsive product development to meet the rapid and ever-changing needs of the competitive global market.

Malco Technologies is a leading Warren and Brown ducting supplier in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE. We offer authentic Warren and Brown products, ranging from ducts, yellow duct joiners, vertical and horizontal elbows, horizontal tees and crosses, among many others. Companies, across the UAE, can get complete low profile ducting solutions from us at the best rates.

By collaborating with international manufacturers as distributors, we aim to supply advanced ducting solutions and products to organizations across various industries, helping them create a strong IT infrastructure.



Yellow Ducts is a unique system for routing and protecting fibre optic cords between termination equipment, patch panels and fibre optic splicing cabinets or frames.


WBT has introduced orange ducting which is recommended for highlighting the redundant fibre network, thereby improving maintenance efficiency.


WBT YellowDuct joiners are used to snap together system components and straight ducting raceway. They simply snap into the slots in the end of each piece to be joined. “Slotless” joiners are available in sizes from 100mm x 50mm upwards and will join the ducting raceway components with or without joining slots.


WBT YellowDuct vertical elbows are used to connect horizontal routes at different height, or to allow the fibre path to be raised or lowered to avoid obstacles. Retrofit versions are used where there is existing fibre. They are available with or without covers.


WBT YellowDuct horizontal elbows are used to change the direction of horizontal routes. They are available with or without covers.


WBT YellowDuct horizontal tees may be used to branch off the main route or provide a method of breaking into horizontal duct.


WBT YellowDuct horizontal crosses can be used to provide a cross intersection in straight duct. Reduction crosses join horizontal duct of different sizes.


WBT YellowDuct end caps are used to close off the end of a horizontal or vertical route of duct. Some are sealed, others have knock outs or spigots for convoluted tubing or fibre feedout.

Low profile
ducting solution

The low profile duct solution can be used as a bridging adaptor and interconnection between two parallel lengths of duct where ceiling height constraints are an issue.

High capacity
duct outlets

These duct outlet kits provide the ideal solution for high capacity optical fibre cords. Duct outlets can be placed anywhere along the duct and minimal time and effort is required to install these outlet components. This solution allows for quick installation, as less cuts are required and is also stronger, as the ribs of duct are not cut.


Bringing Safety, Security and Speed to Retail Surveillance

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