Kramer Electronics Distributor in UAE

Established in 1981, Kramer Electronics is a leading player and pioneer in the Pro AV industry. It has customers in more than 90 countries across six continents. The company has built an impressive Pro AV portfolio, offering innovative Kramer AV over IP solutions and AV products to attract potential clients. Its diverse client portfolio belongs to different industries such as government, houses of worship, education, business, event management, healthcare and many more. The company focuses on building positive relationships with customers and providing them with adequate support and services.

Malco Technologies is a leading Kramer Distributor in UAE that passionately offers innovative Kramer products from categories such as wireless presentations, switches and matrices, control systems, AV switching and broadcasting and Kramer software.

You can give a technologically advanced transformation to your company with Kramer electronics, AV products and solutions purchased from Malco Technologies.. It will improve the effectiveness of your operations to meet the rapidly changing needs of the digital era.

Wireless Presentation
Connect PRO

A wireless collaboration and presentation solution that makes sharing and presenting in meetings easier. With any laptop or mobile device, users can view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously.

  • Login using conventional Wi–Fi or LAN connections
  • Supports Windows laptops and MAC, as well as iOS and Android mobile operating systems
  • Easy to use, simple and intuitive user interface
  • Up to four participant screens can be displayed simultaneously on main screen
  • High quality video streaming, supports full HD 1080p/60 (using the VIA app Multimedia feature)
  • Powerful security features: user authentication, 1024–bit encryption, dynamic room code
  • Managed by VSM
Connect Plus

Provides simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration for a variety of spaces with no need for any additional hardware. This cost−effective solution includes all the benefits of VIA Connect PRO together with an HDMI input.

  • HDMI Input for hardwiring a computer or other HDMI compatible device
  • Login using conventional Wi–Fi or LAN connections
  • Powerful security features: user authentication, 1024–bit encryption, dynamic room code
  • Supports Windows laptops and MAC, as well as iOS and Android mobile operating systems
  • High quality video streaming, supports full HD 1080p/60 (using the VIA app Multimedia feature)
  • Connect & collaborate with industry leading, Zoom™, BlueJeans™ and Teams™ apps
  • Optimized for video conferencing
  • Managed by VSM
Campus² PLUS

Delivers all the outstanding features found in the VIA Campus² with the addition of an HDMI™ input for simple and seamless wired connectivity. It can show up to six user screens on a single main display and 12 on two displays. Users can also view the main display on their own device.

  • Compatible with leading operating systems
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 4K output and high–quality video streaming
  • IOS and Android Mirroring
  • Powerful security features
  • Popular third–party app support
  • Optimized for video conferencing

VIA Site Management is an advanced software management platform that enables an administrator to deploy, manage, configure, and monitor all connected VIA devices from one central location. VSM is compatible with all VIA device models and is available in on−prem and cloud−based versions.

  • Centrally deploy, manage, and configure all your VIA devices
  • Monitor device usage
  • Automate firmware updates
  • Create and schedule digital signage campaigns
  • Send alerts to VIA displays
Switchers & Matrices
HDMI Matrix

A high−performance 4×4 matrix switcher for 18G 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) HDR HDMI signals. It relocks and equalizes the signals and can route any one of four HDMI, HDCP−compliant sources (selectable) to any or all outputs simultaneously.

  • Resolutions up to 4K60 (4:4:4)
  • Analog and Digital Audio De–embedding
  • Step–In over HDMI
Modular Matrix

VS−1616DN−EM is a high−performance 2×2 to 16×16 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) modular matrix switcher chassis for AV signals. The unit is a multi−format digital switcher, populated from 2×2 to 16×16 in increments of two inputs and/or two outputs.

  • Max. Data Rate — 10.2Gbps (3.4Gbps per graphics channel)
  • Mix Input/Output Modules
  • Control — RS–232, Ethernet, IR & USB
  • Managed by Kramer Network
Presentation Switcher

The unit scales the video, embeds the audio and outputs the signal to an HDMI and an HDBaseT output simultaneously. The unit includes analog and embedded audio inputs and outputs.

  • HDBaseT/PoE, HDMI, VGA Inputs
  • Microphone Input, Audio Embedding/De–embedding and Audio DSP
  • Auto–Input Switching
  • Resolution — Up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4)
  • Control — Ethernet with built–in Web pages, On–Screen Display, RS–232
Auto Switcher

Offering intelligent Maestro automation, with priority and last−connected switching options, it automatically switches and operates the room according to the selected switching scheme based on active video signal detection.

  • 2×1 BYOD Plug and Play Wall–mounted Switching
  • Built–in intelligent Maestro Room Automation
  • Up to 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) Resolution
  • Up to 100m (330ft) standard HDBaseT Extension
  • PoE acceptor
  • Managed by Kramer Network
Control System
Control Processor

A master room controller that can operate over Ethernet (LAN) with control ports that include two bidirectional RS−232, two IR and three relay. It controls devices such as scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, DVD players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks, and lights. Multiple Kramer Ethernet gateways can be used to add remote I/O ports.

  • 2 Bidirectional RS–232 ports
  • 2 IR emitter ports
  • 3 relay ports
  • 1 IR sensor and 1 IR input port for learning
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 1 K–NET™ port
  • K–Config™ programming software compatible
  • Site–CTRL™ software compatible
  • Supported by: K–Config Only
  • Managed by Kramer Network
Control Processor

This compact master/space controller (Kramer Control brain) with PoE can operate over Ethernet with control interfaces that include: four bidirectional RS−232, four IR, four GPI/O, and four relays. It controls devices such as scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, Blu−ray players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks, and lights. Multiple Kramer Ethernet control gateways can be used to add remote I/O ports.

  • Supported by Kramer Control
  • Scalable & flexible control
  • Bidirectional RS–232 & IR with learning capability
  • GPI/O & relay control
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Supported by: Kramer Control Only
Control Touch Panel

A multi−touch, powerful touch panel with 1280×800 resolution is elegantly designed for decorative room integration, this portable touch panel can be deployed either tabletop or on−wall, mounted inside standard in−wall junction boxes.

  • 7″ elegant, portable, high–quality touch panel
  • Single Ethernet cable for connectivity & powering
  • Resilient 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi–Fi connectivity
  • Flexible mounting and security options
  • Android 6.0 OS
  • Supported by: Kramer Control and K–Touch
Kramer BRAINware
Control Software

Using the power of Kramer Control cloud–based control & space management platform, Kramer BRAINware enables your touch panel to operate multiple devices over Ethernet such as scalers, video displays, audio amplifiers, Blu−ray players, sensors, screens, shades, door locks, and lights.

  • Fully customizable UI
  • Replaces physical Brain
  • Scalable & flexible control
  • Designed for KT–107, KT–107RB, and KT–107S touch panels
  • Supported by: Kramer Control Only
Management Software

A Windows−based, intuitive configuration application for fast and easy design of room control systems for pro−AV, lights and automation control. K−Config’s comprehensive features simplify the configuration of the control program running over Kramer’s wide range of room controller and control keypad products.

  • Windows app for control program design
  • Intuitive GUI–based program configuration
  • Rich set of control events triggering configured control actions
  • Sub–routines of common control actions for reuse across multiple program activation points
  • Simple design, no pre–training need
  • Quick access and search tools for faster design
AV Over IP

A compact 2−channel Dante™ decoder with 2 balanced mono audio outputs. It enables connecting non−Dante devices, such as amplifiers and powered speakers, to a Dante network and enables volume control. FC−101Net is powered over Ethernet from any standard PoE providing network switch.

  • PoE acceptor
  • Output volume control
  • Control — Dante IP control matrix and Kramer Protocol 3000
  • AES67 support
AV Streamers

The decoder provides streaming over an IP network that carries 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) video, audio, IR, RS−232, USB over IP with HDCP 2.2 in unicast (one−to−one) or multicast (many−to−many) configurations.

  • Analog audio embedding/de–embedding
  • RS–232/IR/USB extension
  • 16×16 video wall
  • Reliable KVM–over IP
  • Control via OSD menu, embedded web UI, and open API
  • Over standard 1G network
Management Software

KN−100 is a server that runs Kramer Network software. With a 6th generation Intel® Xeon® E3−1245 v6 Xeon (4 Cores, 8M Cache, 3.70 GHz) processor, 2x 8GB DDR4 RAM, an 64GB SSD hard drive, Windows® 10 operating system, KN−100 is designed to maximize the features and benefits of Kramer Network.

  • Hardware designed to maximize the features and benefits of Kramer Network
  • Modular, web–based software designed for IT managers
  • Comprehensive pro–AV device management
  • Powerful AV routing for virtual and physical matrices
AV Switching & Broadcasting
Modular Matrix

The Lassen HD XL Series offers flexibility and adaptability to any application where saving space and costs are important. It also supports breakaway stereo audio switching whereby the digital video, audio left and audio right can all be routed independently. It offers control via the front panel or remotely via RS−232 or Ethernet.

  • Ethernet – RJ-45
Aspen 7272HD-3G
SDI Matrix

The 72×72 matrix switcher for SDI signals of up to 3G SDI. The 7272HD−3G is easy to operate and control through the network using the intuitive web pages and through RS−232 using a serial controller. Small and lightweight, it can handle the most demanding applications.

  • 72×72 3G HD–SDI Router
  • Max. Data Rate — 3Gpbs (Fully loaded)
  • Control — RS–232, RS–422, Ethernet
  • Advanced Browser Interface — Control & Set up
  • Depth — 2.5 Inches
Sierra Video Media-Processing

The SP−14 is a broadcast grade MEMC frame rate/standards converter. It accepts HD, SD & computer graphics signals, performs frame rate conversion, format conversion, frame synchronization, scan conversion and aspect ratio conversion as required, as well as embedded timecode processing and closed caption conversion. It is also applies powerful noise reduction & image enhancement to improve poor quality video.

  • Frame Rate Conversion — Motion Estimation Motion Compensated (MEMC) conversion
  • Content Adaptive MEMC — Phase Plane Correlation and Block Matching Motion Estimation
  • 3G HD–SDI, DVI/HDMI & Analog Signal Connectivity
  • Scene Cut Detection
  • Cadence–Aware MEMC — Preserves film–look by cadence conversion on scene–by–scene basis
  • Channel Logo Insertion
MP-xx Modular MultiViewer Family
Modular Matrix

It offers all the standard features you would expect from a fully−featured Broadcast MultiViewer such as tally support, sophisticated Video/Audio/Metadata alarms, Under Monitor Display, Genlock input, multiple clocks and timers and much more. But, despite its superb feature set, one of its key advantages is that we make it easy to use. The MultiViewer is controlled via an intuitive browser based GUI that enables you to free−from scale and position all your video/audio tiles on screen using simple drag, drop and click technology.

  • 4–72 Input Modular MultiViewer
  • Modular Frame
  • Advanced Audio Level Metering
  • Multiple Time Zone Clocks
  • Tally Support
  • Dynamic UMD
Kramer Software
Meeting Spaces

Enhance your meeting potential with this simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration environment. KR−3000 equips your entire team with a suite of powerful time saving tools helping you get the most out of every minute of your meeting.

  • Suitable for 1–4 participants
  • Plug & present
  • Clientless, native wireless presentation & collaboration from iOS, Windows, Android & Mac OS
  • Simple, secure guest connectivity
  • User authentication & 1024–bit encryption
  • Supports wireless connection of up to 254 devices
Meeting Spaces

A meeting space solution for 4K presentation conference rooms. The ultimate conference room solution for those all−hands−on−deck meetings. When the room is full, the pressure is on and there’s no room for error, KR−7000 delivers top−tier wired and wireless presentation and collaboration features and unmatched audio experience.

  • 4K Presentation Conference Room
  • Suitable for 16+ Participants
  • Clientless, native wireless presentation & collaboration from iOS, Windows, Android & Mac OS
  • Plug & present
  • Powerful control & automation
  • Simple, secure guest connectivity
Kramer Control
Control Software

Kramer Control is an enterprise−class, revolutionary, user−friendly, cloud−based control and management solution providing IT/AV managers an easy way to control, monitor and support AV systems, infrastructures and any third party devices. By leveraging existing IP network infrastructures, and due to its distributed architecture, Kramer Control is highly scalable and has no single point of failure.

  • Cloud–Based Control Platform
  • Fully customizable UI
  • Intuitive code–free, drag–and–drop programming
  • Intelligent drivers
  • Highly scalable and inherently aware distributed architecture
  • Easy to learn and master