BPC UPS Distributors in UAE

The British Power Conversion (BPC) company, established in 1996, is a privately held international corporation that distributes to a variety of industries and sectors and provides a proven and effective range of power protection equipment, services, and solutions. Through its innovative products, the company offers comprehensive power protection in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Their extensive range of UPS systems ensures stable power protection with best-in-class innovation and technology that can be customized to match any application.

Malco technologies is the leading BPC UPS supplier in Dubai and other Emirates. It provides a whole variety of authentic BPC UPS in different designs and capacities. Advanced energy solutions by BPC at Malco Technologies allow companies to address the different demands of the IT, leisure, industrial, and commercial markets.

At Malco Technologies, we have authentic UPS systems by BPC available at market competitive prices. With the use of these products, you can ensure your company gets a stable and uninterrupted power supply that can handle a wide range of applications.



BPC have a range of Small Office/Home Office related Line Interactive UPS products designed to offer total power protection to a broad range of commercial and industrial environments.

  • Microprocessor based design
  • Built-in USB and/or RS232 communication port
  • Overload protection
  • Boost & buck AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Ideal for PC, IT and Telecom Applications

The PowerGem Plus range has a modern Tower LED design with emphasis on providing a reliable and stable power performance for any IT Manager who needs a more economical solution.

  • Online true double conversion
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology
  • True sinewave output
  • Practical multi-functional LED display USB communication port
  • ECO mode operation for energy saving

The BPC PowerPro MICRO range is a three-phase input & output, compact UPS designed as a competitive solution for critical computer applications.

  • New 7″ display panel
  • DSP controlled technology
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • Separate or common battery Programmable battery voltage Internal maintenance bypass switch ECO mode operation
  • Automatic battery test
SERIES (10kVA-5200kVA)

The Eco-Friendly UPS is a combination of BPC’s advanced digital signal processor control technology and a firm pursuit of a green manufacturing philosophy, resulting in a UPS design utilizing the latest generation power components and improved conversion circuit topology in order to maximize efficiency.

  • Modular DSP architecture
  • Advanced communications
  • Intelligent battery management & protection
  • Low running costs
  • Space saving design
  • Advanced graphic display
  • Intelligent management & maintenance system
SERIES (6kVA-4800kVA)

The BPC PowerTower modular UPS delivers the best combination of reliability, functionality, hot swappable and flexibility at a competitive price. The modular design ensures dependable and trouble free operation for critical loads. It is designed specifically for data centres, computer systems and critical applications.

  • Flexible modular scalable design
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Hot swappable battery modules
  • Low MTTR
  • Comprehensive monitoring management

The BPC PowerGem Plus RT Series is a complete enterprise solution allowing IT Managers to integrate into all types of networking environments. Emphasis on Energy density, Unity power factor, convertible design, increased runtime options and easy to configure LCD control panel allowing any client to have total flexibility.

  • Online True Double Conversion
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • True Sinewave Output
  • Multiple communication ports
  • Intelligent LED display with self-diagnostics ECO mode operation for energy saving
  • 6kVA & 10kVA models can parallel up to 4 units
  • Tower / Rackmount convertible design


United Nations invests for the future with Nexans

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva has deployed a Nexans LANmark-6 10G infrastructure that delivers the bandwidth needed today and in the long-term

When the OHCHR planned to relocate to a newly renovated building, it decided to upgrade existing cabling to provide enough bandwidth for future applications. Nexans delivered a future-proof solution that met all the UN’s requirements for today’s and tomorrow’s bandwidth needs on a short timescale.