October 22, 2019

Malco Technologies believes in providing the Right Infra solutions!

Interview by Huzaifa Kanorwala, General Manager – Malco Technologies. Q1. How are you helping businesses create infrastructure that can help deliver on the evolving customer expectations?
October 20, 2019

IT Infrastructure Distributor of The Year Award

Malco Technologies won the IT Infrastructure Distributor of The Year Award, 2019. The Awards are instituted by JNS Media International MFZE – an ICT channel communication company.
August 4, 2019

FTTO networks best suited for transformation of enterprises

With the arrival of 5G, smart cities, connected cars – large scale, intelligent networks promise to dominate country, regional, and global landscapes over the next ten years. Wireless and wired networks are growing tremendously with intelligent and semi intelligent-sensors distributed at the edge, relaying trends and insights, downstream to decision makers.