Austin Hughes is a design and manufacturing group that offers a broad range of solutions specialized in intelligent PDU / Door access control locks / KVM and monitoring sensors.


Austin Hughes distributor in Dubai
Single or Three

W Series Intelligent PDU’s are available in 3-Phase. Phase voltage balance, Custom configurations available.

Monitored (W)

Intelligent PDU with digital local touchscreen display and IP network connectivity for reporting the entire strip data.

Metered & Outlet
Switched (WS) PDU

A rack mount PDU which has the Monitored (W) functionality in addition to IP network connectivity to enable users to switch or control individual outlets or IT equipment within the cabinet.

Outlet Switched with
Outlet Metering (WSi) PDU

A rack mount PDU with IP network connectivity that allows users to switch individual outlets and meter individual outlet or equipment consumption.

Vertical Bracket
Mounting Kit
  • Universal mounting kit supports all cabinet models
  • Easy integration by mounting the PDU to the cabinet cable tray
Three Phase
  • InfraPower 3-Phase PDUs with phase voltage balance
  • Multiple socket configurations available per PDU.

SmartCard + NumPad InfraSolution S-700 allows two-factor authentication to verify user ID ensuring dual security for rack access control via NumPad and SmartCard

  • Touchscreen Colour LCD
  • Display & Monitoring via 2.8” LCD
  • Passcode Authentication
  • SmartCard Sensor

InfraGuard provides an environmental monitoring solution to secure high levels of data centre operational stability and flexibility. It also gives a free integrated platform for today’s data centres. Users can remotely manage the environment and conditions in racks via IP. This can help reduce manpower and travel costs by negating the need for staff to be at the physical rack location.

  • PDU Switching & Monitoring
  • Door Sensors
  • Remote Management via free browser-based management software
  • Manage up to 32 cabinets from 1 x IP address using one network switch port
Sensors /

Getting instant notification of various environmental fluctuations, InfraGuard offers a variety of environmental sensors such as Temperature sensors, Humidity sensors, Smoke sensors, Shock sensors and Water leakage sensors.


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